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Elevate Your Event with Stunning Ring Girls: Hire with My Staff Hub

As a leading source for female Boxing Ring Girls in the UK, we offer a range of experienced and captivating models to enhance the ambiance of your event. Our ring girls are trained to exude glamour and professionalism, providing practical support such as carrying signs and announcing rounds.

Versatile Support for Your Event

My Staff Hub’s ring girls can assist with various tasks, including weigh-ins, hosting, hospitality, press conferences, and walk-on appearances. They are adept at posing for photos, distributing marketing materials, organizing seating, conducting belt/flag parades, managing front-of-house responsibilities, and assisting with raffles, auctions, and collections.

Beyond Boxing: MMA, Muay Thai, and More

In addition to Boxing Ring Girls, we also offer MMA Cage Girls, Muay Thai Ring Girls, and Hostess Hire services, catering to a diverse range of events and occasions. Our highly experienced and professional staff ensure the seamless execution of your event.

Engage with Our Stunning Ring Girls

To access our pool of available Ring Girls, simply list your job requirements for free below. Within a few hours, you will receive a shortlist of staff members who meet your criteria. Elevate the allure of your event with the captivating presence of our Ring Girls from My Staff Hub.

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