Our platform is quick and easy to use, however we know there are times where you may need assistance. See below a list of our most commonly asked questions.

Are there really no agency fees?

Yes that is correct, My Staff Hub does not charge you a commission to use the site. You only pay the staff their fee.

How can I choose the fee?

Once you have submitted your job online, you will then receive a personalised shortlist of available staff. Each individual staff shall display their daily fee on their profile.

Can I choose my staff?

Yes absolutely. We shall send you a personalised shortlist of available staff to choose from. Once you click into each individual profile, you can then view photos, stats, biographies and other information.

Can I arrange telephone interviews?

Yes absolutely, we can assist you with this.

Can I brief the staff before the event?

Yes you can and we always insist this is done. We would ask you complete one of our briefing forms, which this then sent to the staff. You can also register the staff an entrance pass if required.

Once I have booked my staff, can I speak to them in the build up to the event?

Yes you can. You can either use the built in messaging tool in your account or you can telephone them. We always recommend using the messaging service rather than calling due to the staff generally being very busy with various jobs.

Do I need to pay for hotels and travel?

No you do not. The beauty with My Staff Hub is that we feature over 15,000 staff, meaning we have locally based staff across the UK. Wherever your event is, we will have local staff available. The Staff will also factor in any travel into their daily fee and only local staff will apply for your job.

Do I have to provide lunch for the staff?

No you are not required to provide lunch. However, if you want to offer meal vouchers or pay for a lunch this is totally fine and the staff would always appreciate this. Generally, staff will prepare their own lunch or purchase something locally. If your event is remote with no local amenities, then please advise your staff member beforehand.

What happens if my booked staff is sick or doesn’t turn up?

The office booking team at My Staff Hub are always speaking to the staff during the build up to the event. Plus our system will send regular reminders to the staff of their upcoming event via email and SMS. Should a member of staff become sick then we would look to replace them and would start the shortlist process again. You the client would select any replacements. The same applies for a member of staff not arriving, we would look to replace the staff member as quickly as possible. We have a very strict Staff code of conduct and staff not turning up would result in immediate termination from our platform. Thankfully this is extremely rare and is unlikely to happen during your event.

What happens if the staff arrives late?

If this happens you do have two options. 1) You ask the staff member to make up the time and this would be our recommended option. 2) We will refund you the difference once the event completes. You would need to report any lateness to us within 24 hours.

How do I pay the staff?

Everything is completed through the My Staff Hub system. This way you the client and our staff are fully protected. My Staff Hub take the payment from you the client and release the funds to the staff once the event is complete and signed off by you the client and the staff member.

Can I provide the staff with a uniform?

Yes you can. We would recommend you discuss this within our messaging system to ensure you order the correct sizing. The staff members are required to update their sizing regularly, so you can also view this. Generally, on the morning of the event, you will meet the staff and hand over the uniform. We would suggest you collect the uniform after each working shift.

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