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If you are planning an event or business promotion and are looking to hire Costume Characters / Mascots , then you have come to the right place. You can temporarily hire staff for just a single shift if needed or on a longer-term basis.

All My Staff Hub Costume characters are a specialised and trained team who have all worked a huge number of costume character events, meaning they all carry the necessary professional skills. Working in this division does require a certain individual as not only is this a very tiring role but you need to have a natural entertainment instinct about you. All of the MSH Costume staff have proven this time and time again and the feedback from all clients has always been exceptional.

To hire Costume Characters, simply list your job for free below. Within a few hours, the available staff who meet your requirements will appear on your client shortlist. 

Businesses that are seeking to hire Costume Characters / Mascots to work for them temporarily. This could be at a trade show, store promotion, exhibition, sports game or gorilla marketing. Search for locally based staff to hire on a temporary basis.

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